Kids Are Weird by Jeffrey Brown

Kids Are Weird by Jeffrey Brown

Kids Are Weird by Jeffrey Brown is a fitting tribute to parenthood. I have noticed that the word has gotten out on parenting. It’s not viewed as a natural or noble pursuit so much as a gauntlet of human endurance. What I’m saying is I’m scared, okay? I’m convinced I will fail because it turns out that children aren’t mini versions of us so much as tiny independent beings. How do you even prepare for that? Brown’s book is an adorable tribute to natural eccentricity of childhood. It’s a weird time in your life and it fits that being a child would, in fact, make you weird.

The illustrations are precious without being too cutesy or too endearing stomach. I thought Brown captured the child characters quite well and accurately and overall I liked the book and laughed aloud at a few parts.

My only complaint is that the book lacked a narrative style. It was more a fragmented list of weird run ins with his children versus an actual story arch. I think a narrative would have improved it a bit and I would’ve like to see what Brown could have done with it.

All in all, I would buy this for any new parent because while it affirms what we all now know, children are odd and will run you for about 25 years, it will remind you that you’ll be very entertained. Better to be held hostage by singing and dancing captors than left in a spider hole.


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