Food, A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan

So happy for these two lovebirds

I would like to mention I am a huge fan of Jim Gaffigan. I loved Dad is Fat, I love his standup, and I follow him on twitter and various other social media platforms. I’ve loved him since all the way back to his hot pocket days. I am a Jim Gaffigan hipster. We’re clear? Good? Now onto the review.
I didn’t love Food: A Love Story. It just didn’t have the same hook or story arc that Dad is Fat did, and this book doesn’t feel as strong to me. That being said, I think anyone that loves food will enjoy it a lot. This is a good uncle book. Buy this for your uncle who really likes ribs for Christmas. This book has an audience, I’m just not it. I’m sorry, Jim. I still really love Dad is Fat. Food just felt really sporadic and that the concept wasn’t as solid as it really needed to be. I just wanted this book to be tighter. Although his missives on Midwestern food is on point. His point about Cincinnati serving chili over spaghetti is entirely accurate and we need to stop doing it. As a former Midwestern resident, I understand the amount of mystery and butter that goes into every item that makes up Midwestern cuisine. (Hint: Germans, Polish, Italians – it’s all beef and carbs). But once we got to the hoaky names like “Wineland” and “Coffeeland” the joke began to just wear thin.

Jim Gaffigan’s website and comedy things are here.
Jim Gaffigan on Twitter.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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