Who I Became After We Broke Up

There seems to be a certain level of inevitability in running into ex lovers. Maybe you cross paths on a subway platform, maybe social media brings you together, maybe you want to try to make a go of being friends; you end up having that awkward realization that you know an incredible amount about them but they feel like a stranger. If only there was a simple and brief way to fill them in on who you are now and give them the highlight reel without having to put up with all that small talk. FEAR NOT! I have assembled a handy dandy cheat sheet for you to fill out and hand off to your former partners so that they know everything important.

Who I Became After We Broke Up

Current Name:

Current Gender:

Current Relationship Status:

Current Location:

Current Sobriety Status:

Significant Weight Loss or Gain (Y/N):

Sexual Orientation:

Political Orientation:

Three Current Hobbies:

Current Employment:

Over You (Y/N):

Really Over You (Y/N):

Are You Totally Sure (Y/N):

Do You Still Have Some of Their Things (Y/N):

Three Ways In Which I Have Improved Since We Broke Up:

Things You Know About Me That Are No Longer True:

Are You Willing to Get Back Together (Y/N):




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