Tarot Explained Using Hip Hop Lyrics: Major Arcana

Originally published on Medium. 

The Fool: “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe” — Kendrick Lamar

The Magician: “Invisible man got the whole world watching.” — Mos Def

The High Priestess: “And purgatory is the mode that we settle in (no doubt), I’ve got that Eve’s Bayou sense of touch, so I fought,
to touch every hand of a fan to read their thoughts” — Cannibal Ox

The Empress: “Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you.” — Beyonce

The Emperor: “Heart cold as assassins,
I got no passion, I got no patience,
And I hate waitin’; ho, get your ass in and let’s ride!” — Jay Z

The Hierophant: “Aromas on the corner, these the soul, they say
Some greens just can’t be cleaned and you can’t wash out the taste
Of rotten roots
Salted looks and herbs
If it ain’t made with love then it ain’t fit to serve, I heard” — Big K.R.I.T.

The Lovers: “You showed me love
Glory from above
Good Glory, dear
It’s all downhill from here” — Frank Ocean

The Chariot: “Y’all don’t really know my life
Y’all don’t really know my struggles and how much liquor I guzzle (YES!)
Y’all don’t really know my fears
And how many years to get here but I’m ready to rumble” — Missy Elliott

Strength: “I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere
unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin’ changes.
Learn to see me as a brother ‘stead of 2 distant strangers.” — 2pac

The Hermit: “Forever never seems that long until you’re grown
And notice that the day by day rule can’t be too long
Ms. Jackson my intentions were good I wish I could” — Outkast

Wheel of Fortune: “Oh fun, fun, fun
Let’s get ’em undone
Take a hit on the bong
It’s been so long since we hung” — M.I.A.

Justice: “King of where the wild things are, Daddy’s proud
cos’ the Roman Empire done passed it down
Imported and tortured a work force
and never healed the wounds or shook the curse off
Now the grown up Goliath nation
Holdin’ open auditions for the part of David, can you feel it?” — Brother Ali

The Hanged Man : “time taught me how to see every second as heaven even though they’re perfectly disguised as hell
and i refuse to let past bruises cover the light
it ain’t all good but it’s all good enough so i know i’m alright
agony is truth: it’s our connection to the living
i accept it as perfection and keep on existing in the now” — Eyedea & Abilities

Death: “ I was destined to come
Predicted, blame God, he blew breath in my lungs
Second to none, wicked turn wives to widows
Shoot through satin pillows, the desolate one
Took a little time to claim my spot” — Nas

Temperance: “They distracted by my pretty disposition
I smile and steal they heart, all they gotta do is listen” — Rocky Rivera

The Devil : “Bring the cups baby I could bring the drink
Bring your body baby I could bring you fame
And that’s my motherfucking words too
Just let me motherfucking love you” — The Weeknd

The Tower: “Will he make it out alive
All right, all right
No church in the wild” — Kanye West

The Star: “We’re higher than a motherfucker” — Nicki Minaj

The Moon: “There’s plenty of people out there with triggers ready to pull it
Why you trying to jump in front of the bullet (Young lady)
Uh, and real bad girls are the silent type” — Queen Latifah

The Sun: “Drunk as hell but no throwin up
Half way home and my pager still blowin up
Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day (shit!)” — Ice Cube

Judgment — “And if I die before I wake/I pray the lord my soul to take/But please don’t cry/Just know that I have made these songs for you.” — Kid Cudi

The World: “You see I do what they can’t do, I just do me
Ain’t no stress when it comes to stage, get what you see” — Eve

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