Ya’ll I’m Working on a Book

So exciting news. I’m working on a book.

A year ago I got to write a really fun piece for Harlot Magazine called How to Face-Sit Like a Lady . It was a blast to write and I spent an incredible amount of time reading equestrian manuals from the Victorian Era and boy oh boy was that weird.

Now I’m writing a whole collection of these and am going to publish it in an ebook!! I’m currently trying to raise a little bit of funding for it because I want to do it up right. I want some illustrations and to have the formatting not be a horrific mess. So!! I want to thank all the people currently pledging. Your loyalty and love will be rewarded handsomely. But! If you like this essay and want to see we write 9 more, please pledge so I can get it out over the next couple months.  The working title is Lady Hyacinth Cobblestone’s Guide to Romance and Doily Tatting.

Need something to sweeten the deal? All my patrons will get the book for free but also will get to see the essays in raw form while I figure out which are the best ones to use. It’s gonna be UGE, everyone. Tremendous! And like our current political climate we are ALL GONNA PAY FOR IT. *sobs*

I’d love your help with this project and I’d love to share more comedy erotica with you. So if you’ve been looking for a good time to jump on board the USS Parker, climb up that rampy thing and throw yourself through a porthole onto the Starburst deck. I don’t know shit about boats, I’m sorry.

I’m also going to let patrons recommend essays and see drafts of the artwork so you’re gonna plotz.

I’m so excited about this!!


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