Monopoly Has New Pieces: a play in 3 acts


Act One: Childhood

A woman sits on the last day of her office job, swiveling back and forth in her office chair. Her skirt brushes her knees and she moves the mouse of her computer so that the scroll of the internet unfurls in front of her. It’s raining. Or maybe it’s sunny. Maybe it’s both. 

Woman: Childhood is so fleeting.

A large gold duck hovers above her head and quacks mournfully. 

Woman: I haven’t the youth to quack anymore.



Act Two: Eurydice 

The lights go up and the same woman is sitting in a coffee shop. A man stops, looks at her, and sits down at her table. 

Man: I’m sorry to bother you but you look so pretty and I just wanted you to smile.
Woman: No one can make me smile. My one happiness from my childhood has been taken away.
Man: And how’s that?
Woman: holds up her cell phone, a projection of the screen appears over the pair of them. You see? They have stolen my thimble. Years I spent playing this game with my family. Losing, for I was the youngest, but I could always slip my fingers into the thimble and it protected me. Now what will protect me? Penguins? They cannot protect themselves. We kill them. Climate change kills them. We kill them.
Man: Yeah, uh pulls collar and clears throat bummer.
Woman: flings self upon the table and sobs Nothing can protect me now! I exist with no armor! No shell!
Man: Oh, sorry, I have a call.



Act Three: Crucifixion 

Destitute, the woman is curled up on the floor of her apartment, playing with tiny silver colored pieces on a game board. There is no furniture and she wears white with streaks of dirt to symbolize the passing of innocence. 

Woman: I never came in second in the beauty pageant. My sister always landed on that space and I never did. I never placed. I had to go to jail. They cannot send me to jail now. I have all the pieces. I have all the money. I am the bank. I am the landlord. I came second in the beauty pageant. Me! I land on every space!

A breeze flows through her stark apartment and her hair fans out. She clutches her arms for warmth. Just then, a Tyrannosaurus Rex enters  stage right and growls and attacks her. She screams and is left bloody from the attack. 

Woman: Do…not…pass…go. Do…not….collect…$200. Dies.
T-Rex: Growls


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