Lisa Frank End of the World Tarot: April


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March was a time of refocusing and for healing from traumas. It was about giving and receiving healing energy, sharing wisdom and hope to achieve renewal. The Star gave us a month to look towards the heavens and feel how small we are and to see the vastness of our systemic problems. We are one of many pieces that make up a whole. The Star is about finding our individuality and seeing its impact on community. We are never alone in our successes, losses, and achievements, but these experiences can absolutely isolate us.

In April, the High Priestess calls in the energies of the moon. The High Priestess is linked to Persephone, Artemis, and Isis.  She is nuance and shades of grey, between to the stark contrast of dark and light lollipops. She holds wisdom and the knowledge of the Universe’s mysteries. She’s linked to the moon and embodies serenity, knowledge, and the divine. She is perfect love and perfect trust.

While the High Priestess is beautiful and knowledgeable, she isn’t my favorite card because she points to the unknown. She is not in the business of revealing secrets, just letting us know that we don’t have all the answers and perspectives. She also points to our intuition and encourages us to seek the answers within. Don’t you just hate that? Seek the self and find your answers – ugh. Like all truth and all wisdom, the High Priestess is frustrating.

In April we take the wisdom of the Star and must access it to contribute to greater divine wisdom. We have moved through manifesting, tradition, hope, and move now into the unknown. The High Priestess says to give up the illusion of control and to allow truth to move through us, passing through our porous consciousness. Shutting out things that scare us is not an act of pragmatism or self care. It’s purposefully avoiding scope. If we are to overcome, we must listen with empathy and embrace our darkness as well as our light and to embrace the darkness and light of others.

Access your own inner High Priestess this month. Walk under the moon, take care of your altar, meditate, and ask yourself the questions you’ve been avoiding. Are you motives true? Are you acting impulsively and not allowing situations and feelings to settle out of fear? Are you constantly on the defense? Are you looking at situations through as many lenses as possible?

During this month, seek solace with the self and listen to  your inner voice. Take the guiding light of the star inside and let it help guide your inner compass to compassion, insight, and wisdom.

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