Lisa Frank End of the World Tarot: May

April was ruled by the High Priestess, which I’m pretty sure is just a warning that everything in  your life will be in retrograde.

Now, we’ve gone direct. We’re in May. M’aidez. We’ve celebrated Beltane, gotten into a bit of trouble, and now we’re feeling just a bit more festive. The Sun wants us to continue with that joy, to look on the bright side, and to soak up the rays.

Now, the flip side of things is that the Sun can burn you to a crisp and disclose truths you don’t want to see. Ah, enlightenment. A lot of trouble for a 50/50 reward.

The Sun is about optimism. It’s the focus of the Earth and is reflected by the Moon. It’s the source of life and energy. The Sun nourishes, strengthens, and purifies. The horse, which is a common image in most decks, represents strength, speed, and grace. Ever seen a horse do anything? Really graceful. Even when they fall over, it’s graceful.

This month will be all about taking your allergy medication and aggressively taking care of yourself. You know cats that lick their legs until they get bald patches? That is the kind of care you should be aspiring to. Take care of yourself the way a child takes care of itself. I’m not one to say self care always looks like frolicking in a field or getting your nails done. But venture out into the sunlight (in sunscreen), and just feel the warmth of it. Breathe in the heat and curl up like a cat on a windowsill.

The Sun often reminds me of the child pose in yoga. It’s one of my favorites because I rarely step into a space of self soothing and comfort. Access youth as a means to manifest your happiness. Hang out with kids, open all of your windows and let the winter’s stagnation clear out to the summer’s kinetic energy. You’ve been in a space of preparation, now comes the action, the excitement, and the follow through. The Sun is energy, and you’ll find yourself having a bit more of it this month.

This whole life situation really is about the journey. I know, I hate it too. And I really hate the marketing copy nature of that message, but live, laugh, love, ya’ll. Appreciating things in the moment on your way to your goals is how you get the full, vibrant experience of life. Give yourself permission to not think about your troubles. Not forever, but at least an evening. The Sun is also rather selfish. It’s the center of (our) universe. Remember that you have earned the right to take up space. Now more than ever, your individual self matters. Don’t forget your individually matters as part of the whole. We all make up the universe. The Sun is a star with confidence. And for those skeptics out there, we are all just stardust.

May is a month to be the leading role of your life. Take up space. Advocate for yourself and others. Take your allergy medication. Build altars to your hopes and to the things within yourself you want to cast light upon, either to cleanse or grow. Sterilize the dark, cast out the shadows, and let the sun shine in.

Post Script: if you want to get pregnant, now is a good time to try. If you don’t, lock that all down.

For all my $40 and up patronauts, message me your questions and I’ll do a full three card spread for you! If you can’t swing $40 a month, but still want a reading, message me about one time readings. 


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