I Read A Million Little Pieces and It’s Terrible

I got to go back on the fabulous book podcast I Don’t Even Own a Television to discuss a terrible, no-good, very bad book called A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

I left this book out in the rain hoping it would dissolve. I offended a used bookstore owner by not liking it. I unsubscribed from every spam email in my inbox.

This book is poorly written, tedious, and has no craft. I don’t even care that it’s a lie. Because it’s not even a very good or compelling lie. To paraphrase Dave Mustaine, reading this book was like pulling out each one of my butthole hairs very slowly.

As a result, I’m rewarding all people who pledge my Patreon with a piece of James Frey’s coal-black heart. If you pledge, I will tear out a page of my first edition paperback and write three ways that you’re better than James Frey. Check out the episode of I Don’t Even Own a Television to listen to my laundry list of complaints!

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