Lisa Frank End of the World Tarot: Here Comes the Sun (Do do do do)


How was everyone’s eclipses in retrograde? Still got your butts? Did you hang onto them real tight? For those of your dealing with any type of disaster, be it Harvey or the tampering with DACA, I’m so sorry and hopefully the Sun will help in a big way.

The Sun is about uncovering what was once dark, about drying out the dank. Dare I say, drying out a swamp? The Sun on the positive is about accessing joy, passion, and youth exuberance. The sort of card that heralds the coming of babies, the birth of creative projects, and the creation of ideas. The Sun is also about warmth, gifts, and celebration.

The flip side? The Sun burns. It casts light upon things you’ve been avoiding. Parts of yourself or others that have been working to derail you are now standing naked in your yard. Little hard to avoid them when they are rolling around in your flower beds. With the eclipse season still happening, and Mercury stationing direct, now is the time to cast out bad shit from your garden. The parts of your behavior that you’ve been feeding with your baggage and trauma, the defensive position you’ve been working from all need to go. You’re no longer in the same place and it’s important to wield your power responsibly. Don’t set boundaries to test people, but really reflect on the boundaries that you need, set them, and prepare for the work of maintaining them.

September will be a bit calmer than August, which was about the control and domineering Emperor, you no longer have to clutch everything in your fist and try to wring out every last drop. You can frolic a bit, and should. Winter is coming, after all. Enjoy the renewal of the sun, work in your garden, wear sunscreen, drink lots of water.

If you’re looking for political action that relates to the sun, kicking over rocks is a great one. Are you a cis white dude? Put on your suit and get the Nazis and Fascists in your communities fired. The Sun is about transparency. Protest, demonstrate, work in the light. Tell White Supremacy that you are Right Here, Motherfucker, And You’re Going Down.

The Sun rules Leo, and we’ve just wrapped a tumultuous Leo season. With the majesty of a lion, take control of the projects where you can do the most good for others. The Sun is about Yes, I Can, Dammit. Release yourself from selfish limitations and give to the group in ways that will add to your life and reap the best harvest in the long run.


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