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Book Review: What Should Be Wild

What Should Be Wild is a forthcoming debut novel by Julia Fine that is a blend of suspense, fantasy, and mainstream fiction. 

The story centers around the main character, Maisie Cothay, and her ability to kill or resurrect with a single touch. As a result of her power, she has not experienced physical contact. Her entire family in a fantastical landscape of human experiences.


I Got Published in a Book My Mom Can’t Read But You All Can!

At the book release party Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Nightvale signed my copy

For all you writers out there who are trying to find your path to publication I would like to assure you it’s a whole lot weirder than you realize. My first book credit is in the erotic humor book Loose Lips! If you are looking for a birthday or holiday gift that either brings your family together or gets you cut out of the will, this will do the trick.

I’m on page 75 and if you are interested in my signing it (this is apparently a thing?) pledge my patreon and send me your address and I’ll mail you a signed book plate with a funny inscription and a kiss print in fun lipstick colors.