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On Friday the 13th of last month, I got to read this short story I wrote about online harassment. It was a great time and had a line up of other great authors.

If you’re in the Bay Area for May 11, 2018, you should come to Cliterary Salon. It’s a show focusing on literature around trans masculine, trans feminine, and cis feminine sexuality, and we have everything from poetry to short story to memoir. Last show, we sold out. We were prepping for a sophomore slump and it feels really good that it didn’t happen. I hope to see you! And if you’re looking for more work that’s been performed at Cliterary Salon, check out our Youtube channel.

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Check out my latest project, GLOW the Distance, a wrestling podcast about the Netflix series GLOW. I know nothing about wrestling, but my best friend Jetta is a huge fan. Together we recap the GLOW series, discuss why we both love it, and Jetta teaches Lauren about wrestling with fun vocabulary and cool historical facts every week.

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