The Ultimate Mixtape to Get your Neighbors to Stop Having Sex

Artwork by Laurent Hrybyk
Artwork by Laurent Hrybyk

Check out my new piece for the Bold Italic detailing the ideal mixtape to get your neighbors to stop having sex so you can carry on with a pleasant evening.


A Mixtape of Diss Tracks I Haven’t Yet Written

  1. Your Mom is a Bitch, Shooby Shooby
  2. I Can’t Believe I Ever Gave a Damn About You, Oy Oy Oy
  3. You Think You’ll Get a Second Chance
  4. I Can’t Believe I Ever Gave a Damn About You (the Kanye Remix)
  5. Hey Hey Hey, You’re a Bastard!
  6. I’m Really Glad I Never Slept with You
  7. (I Know You Miss Me but) I’m Too Busy Dancing
  8. I’d Rather Drink Alone (Than Waste My Time on You)
  9. Friendzoned Again, Naturally
  10. Fun for 2 Years feat: Drake
  11. Unfuckable in the Midwest
  12. Ska is Terrible (but Not as Terrible as You)
  13. Our Friends Like Me Better

Bonus Track: Blues cover of We Are Never Getting Back Together