On Friday the 13th of last month, I got to read this short story I wrote about online harassment. It was a great time and had a line up of other great authors.

If you’re in the Bay Area for May 11, 2018, you should come to Cliterary Salon. It’s a show focusing on literature around trans masculine, trans feminine, and cis feminine sexuality, and we have everything from poetry to short story to memoir. Last show, we sold out. We were prepping for a sophomore slump and it feels really good that it didn’t happen. I hope to see you! And if you’re looking for more work that’s been performed at Cliterary Salon, check out our Youtube channel.

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Book Review: What Should Be Wild

What Should Be Wild is a forthcoming debut novel by Julia Fine that is a blend of suspense, fantasy, and mainstream fiction. 

The story centers around the main character, Maisie Cothay, and her ability to kill or resurrect with a single touch. As a result of her power, she has not experienced physical contact. Her entire family in a fantastical landscape of human experiences.

Cliterary Salon 3/24/2018

On March 24th, I got to do my first reading in a while and it felt amazing. Cliterary Salon originally started as an event called Clitquake that was part of Litcrawl SF. After packing the house two years in a row, we’ve branched out on our own to make it an independent event and I couldn’t be more excited. Enjoy this video of my essay, San Francisco Restaurant Week, and buy your tickets for the April 13th show here.

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