Writing Credits


A Bi Woman’s Guide to Native Plants – June 8, 2018, Cliterary Salon

Cry Wolf – May 11, 2018, Cliterary Salon

Alert – April 13, 2018, Cliterary Salon

Chosen families refuse to quit – July 17, 2017, The Daily Californian Summer of Love Essay Contest

Downtown’s E. M. Wolfman: ‘A Wild Vortex Of Books Flying Right At You’ – April 18, 2017,  Hoodline

Vegetarian Eatery Encuentro Closes: Pop-ups, Cookbook In The Works – February 8, 2017, Hoodline

Laurel Book Store Seeks To Create Downtown Cultural Hub – January 20, 2017, Hoodline

Mountain View Cemetery’s Holiday Light Show Celebrates 10th Anniversary – December 23, 2016, Hoodline

The Stages of Realizing My Tampon is Leaking – November 7, 2016, Huffington Post

Couple Makes Pact to Have Tense Emotional Conversations in Every Restaurant in San Francisco – September 15, 2016, Medium

Little Assholes – September 27, 2016, Loose Lips

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich was my Teenage Rebellion – July 12, 2016, Fry Havoc

My Application for the Role of Governess – June 8, 2016, the Tusk

The Ultimate Mixtape to Get Your Neighbors to Stop Having Sex – May 12, 2016, The Bold Italic

How Whippersnappers Are Ruining Cyberpunk- And Everything Else – April 1, 2016, Harlot Magazine

How to Face-Sit Like a Lady – March 15, 2016, Harlot Magazine

Yes, Even Dommes Experience Misogyny – February 26, 2016, Harlot Magazine

The 9 Best Vegan Restaurants in the East Bay – February 26, 2016, The Bold Italic

Fight The New Drug’s Online “Porn Rehab” Is Insidious Pseudoscience That Preys On Youth – December 15, 2015,  Harlot Magazine

Rejected American Horror Story Seasons – September 14, 2015, The Tusk

Now that You’ve Graduated, a List of Men it’s No Longer Appropriate to Date – June 29, 2015, The Tusk

In Praise of Selfies: How They Are Battling the Patriarchy – December 8, 2014, Ravishly

Why Rolling Stone‘s Rape Story Apology is Irresponsible – December 5, 2014, Ravishly, republished via Persephone Magazine

Dana McCallum And How The Feminist Community Can Fail Rape Victims – November 14, 2014, Ravishly

Feminist Sandwich Shop – November 2014, The Toast


Literary and Poetry Credits

The Displacements – Summer 2013- short story published in the summer issue of Main Street Rag. The story follows a teenage boy through a week of his life as he’s faced with several complicated relationships with women.

Playing House- Glass Mountain June 2012, reprinted for the Best Undergraduate Writing 2012 series in plain china.


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